Trading iBNB directly from our website using PancakeSwap and Visa/Mastercard.

What's the purpose of trading from the website?

At iBNB.Finance, our priority is to provide high quality investment opportunities. Hence the website provides smart investment tools, d investment strategies. Ultimately, it will be a trading hub for investors, providing them access to safe and smart investments. By having those functionalities implemented on our website, we are free to expand them as we wish.
The iBNB website is being built to become a one-stop shop for investors to make more educated and intelligent investments. The website facilitates trading iBNB directly from our website in a safe and user-friendly environment, but furthermore to also purchase BNB and nBNB tokens right from our website with a Visa/Mastercard (Q4 2021).

Quick Buy

The dashboard on our website has been configured to facilitate our investors with a Quick Buy functionality. The user is able to set preferences for the amount of BNB that is desired to be spent and the dashboard stores this information anonymously as saved setting such that the investor is able to quickly buy the preferred amount without providing any additional input. This can be handy in scenarios where news or announcements are exciting to the investor, or when they have decided on an amount to invest every time they visit the website for example.
For regular and systematic investments, investors will also be able to use our Grand Cost Averaging tool.