Grand Cost Averaging
Smart investments without emotional factors.

What is the purpose of Grand Cost Averaging?

Grand Cost Averaging is a unique feature inspired by dollar cost averaging to allow iBNB investors to make wise decisions with their investments.
The purpose of GCA is to reduce the barrier to entry for making an investment. It is a financial strategy to make smart investments and remove emotional factors typically associated with investing.
In simple terms, it works by splitting a total amount of BNB that the investor wants to use into smaller portions that will be invested periodically. The user can define the period and the timeframe to complete the investment. It is an automatic investment capability where user can invest a total amount X and spread the investment across a timeframe Y with Z smaller investments of X/Z BNB.

For example:

Bob wants to invest a total of 50 BNB. He does not want to invest it all in one go, because that would not sit well with him. Bob goes to, logs into his dashboard and opens the GCA panel. He decides to deposit 50 BNB into his secured wallet. Bob wants to invest every day and picks the "daily" selection. He wants to spread his investment out over the next 14 days and enters 14 as the number of investments directly into the panel. Bob kicks off the strategy and the system automatically makes investments on his behalf and sends iBNB tokens to the original wallet at every interval. Bob can terminate the strategy at any time and will receive 100% of the remaining funds back in his wallet.