A Walk Through the First Ever Decentralised Finance Investment Bank
The Central Point of Decentralised Investment Management.

What is the iBNB Bank?

The iBNB Bank is the central investment management entity within the iBNB Ecosystem. As central receiver of high-volume transaction fees from the nBNB Network and exchanges, the iBNB Bank intelligently manages money through smart-contracts, quantitative algorithms, DeFi protocols, and strategic investments.
The iBNB Bank is the first DeFi bank that facilitates the management and growth of investor's finance.


Funds enter the iBNB Bank in two ways: (1) through transaction fees that come directly from trading nBNB tokens on decentralised exchanges such as PancakeSwap, and (2) via transaction fees that come from iBNB or nBNB projects that are listed and traded on exchanges.
10 projects on the nBNB network that are listed on 1 DEX and 1 CEX each doing $100,000 volume (conservative estimate) in one day and transaction fees of 2.5% that go towards the iBNB Bank lead to an in-flow of:
10 x 2 x $100,000 x 2.5% = $50,000 per day
10 projects on the nBNB network that are listed on 1 DEX and 2CEX each doing $500,000 volume (normal estimate) per day and transaction fees of 2.5% that go towards the iBNB Bank lead to an in-flow of:
10 x 3 x $500,000 x 2.5% = $375,000 per day
10 projects on the nBNB network that are listed on 1 DEX and 3 CEX each doing $1,000,000 volume (healthy estimate) per day and transaction fees of 2.5% that go towards the iBNB Bank lead to an in-flow of:
10 x 4 x $1,000,000 x 2.5% = $1,000,000 per day
iBNB's goal is to join 25 projects and partnerships on the nBNB network by 2023.

Investment Management

The iBNB Bank manages incoming funds and appropriately allocates these funds for intelligent investment strategies. These strategies are initiated via smart-contracts and furthermore managed by the team supporting the iBNB Bank.


As of today, the iBNB Bank smart-contracts remain confidential.

Profit Strategies

The iBNB Bank utilises state of the art quantitative and analytical investment strategies for capital growth.

Quantitative Markets

The iBNB Bank designed systematic strategies and packaged quantitative strategies into investable approaches while optimising the execution of profitable trades.
Furthermore, the Bank utilises market making techniques and tools to manage markets across nBNB. Within crypto, markets are not as efficient as they should be, an example of this is a large difference between the price on one exchange and the price on another exchange.

What can make a market more efficient?

The more participants are engaged in a market, the more efficient it will become as more people compete and bring more and different types of information to bear on the price. As markets become more active and liquid, arbitrageurs will also emerge, profiting by correcting small inefficiencies whenever they might arise and quickly restoring efficiency.
(Source: Investopedia)
Usually, arbitrageurs take advantage of this by buying on one market and selling on another, then benefitting from the profit. The iBNB Bank utilises these mechanisms to benefit its investors. By performing quantitative activities and returning profit to the Dividend Pools, our investors gain additionally superior dividends.

Strategic Investments

Strategic investments are made within the physical world and the digital. The iBNB Bank and it's team utilise crypto-analytics, expert insights and research to realise intelligent investments.

DeFi Protocols


Crypto staking involves "locking up" a portion of your cryptocurrency for a period of time as a way of contributing to a blockchain network. In exchange, stakers can earn rewards, typically in the form of additional coins or tokens.
The iBNB Bank provides and utilises staking techniques to grow and diversify finance allocated towards growth of capital.
Additional Protocols
As time passes, the research and development team continuously studies the state of the art for implementation and in-house DeFi protocol innovation. As the iBNB Bank is evolutionary in nature, meaning: easy to update, additional protocols are added for the benefit of the iBNB ecosystem and our investors.

Profit Management

All profit made from the above mentioned profit strategies returns to the working capital of the iBNB Bank to continue operations, provide superior dividends to iBNB investors, build additional projects, et cetera.



The iBNB Bank utilises funds to further expand the iBNB ecosystem and the nBNB network to grow and maintain its expansive nature.

New Projects

Funds are allocated to further develop unique and value added in-house projects to join the nBNB network and provide transaction fees back to the iBNB Bank. Funds allocated are considered investments to receive healthy ROI back in the iBNB Bank.

Research and Development

Funds are additionally allocated towards research and development in studying and innovating the state of the art within crypto to implement advantageous blockchain technologies within existing and upcoming projects and partnership.


The iBNB Bank will support all operations, salaries for employment and organisational activities that formalise and run the iBNB Ecosystem and the people within it.


The iBNB Bank funds marketing activities for the nBNB network to support the outreach of information to the right audiences for:
  1. 1.
    Partnership Development.
  2. 2.
    nBNB Network Branding and Exposure

iBNB Investor Dividends

Thanks to the funds managed by the iBNB Bank, a significant surplus of BNB cash-flows is created due to realised profit strategies. This means that there will be additional dividends for investors to collect as a result from this.
Fundamentally, a percentage (transaction fee) of all transactions happening within the nBNB network and exchanges are immediately directed towards the dividend pools of iBNB. This means that in combination with advanced dividend pool optimisation and sustainability management, iBNB investors are able to benefit from significantly stable, consistent, superior and growing dividends.

Contract Evolution

In the nature of every successful project, innovation is welcomed.
The iBNB Bank contract is developed in a manner that is easy to upgrade. Since there is fundamentally no token tied to the iBNB Bank, the smart-contracts contain modularity characteristics which allow our research and development team to continuously upgrade and innovate the mechanics that operate the Bank. As a result from this, the iBNB Bank will continue to innovate and provide the iBNB Ecosystem and the iBNB investors with prosperous financial opportunities and support.
The iBNB Team proudly operates the iBNB Bank as the first ever decentralised banking entity with strategic and quantitative investment methodologies, innovative and evolutionary DeFi protocols.
It is the heart and soul of the iBNB Ecosystem.