What are nBNB Partnerships?

nBNB Partnerships are here to support developing projects that are interested in joining the nBNB network and help them finalise partnerships to ensure win-win for both parties.

How do nBNB Partnerships benefit from being on the nBNB network?

Every partnership that enters the network is guaranteed an engaged investor audience that trusts the entrant. The reason for this is due to our rigorous approach of investigation into the feasibility and security of the proposed project.

How do I become an nBNB Partner and list on the nBNB Network?

In order to join the nBNB network and a new partnership to take place, the project and the project team must complete a series of checks and balances before being able to join.

Partnership Criteria

The criteria are and are not limited to the following:
Atleast two (lead) core team members that fully pass our doxxing process.
A minimum percentage of transaction fees (depending on the service/collaboration) swapped and transferred in BNB to the nBNB Bridge sent to nBNB Bridge.
A technically viable token project.
A market feasible token project.
A unique addition to the nBNB network
iBNB community backing by votes to list the project or not.
Initial funding or proof of significant community backing to support the initial phases of the project.
Contractual agreements in favour of transparency, integrity, both nBNB and the prospective partnership team.

Partnership Benefits

Immediate Backing of nBNB investor communities
Credibility as secure and high-potential investment
Access to a range of (fast-track) services.
Access to a range of exchanges for rapid listings.
Access, guidance and support with contacts and know-how in successfully launching a project.
Protection against sniper-bots

Partnership Fees

Additional customisation costs numerated.
Development, deployment, launch and additional services