Supply Change After Grand
From a quadrillion to a billion.
The total supply of iBNB Grand is consolidated from a quadrillion to a billion.

What does that mean for my holdings?

In effect there will be no difference in value. Consolidation of total supply simply means changing the number of total supply and the number of investor's holdings to virtually increase the price, but the value of any holding will be the same.


If you hold 0.1% of the total supply before migration, you will still hold 0.1% of the total supply post-migration. The only thing that will change is that instead of your tokens displaying as one trillion, it will display as a million.

Why the change?

The reason we are consolidating the total supply is to better align with our goals, with listings, and with a favourably perceived price.
Example: Price change after consolidation
If the price of iBNB before migration/consolidation is $0.00000000012345, the market cap is around $10,000,000, it will maintain a market cap of $10,000,000 and a price of $0.0012345 after migration/consolidation.
Calculations and results:
Market Capitalisation: No change.
Price: $0.0000000012345 x 1,000,000 = $0.0012345
When iBNB hits a billion in market capitalisation, the price of 1 iBNB will be $1.