iBNB Grand Updates
This page covers FAQs on the upgrades brought with iBNB Grand.


For a quick browse into the FAQ of iBNB Grand Updates, please see the table of contents on the right side-bar.

What is upgraded in iBNB Grand?

Here's an overview:
iBNB Upgrades
Contract Updates
Advanced Dividend Pools for consistent ROI.
Linearly decreasing BNB collection (claim) mechanism for sustainable dividends.
DTP v3 (Dynamic Tax Protocol v3, now Dynamic Transaction Protocol).
Website Updates
Grand Cost Averaging.
PancakeSwap trading on website.
Updated Collection (Claim) System.
After Launch (expected within 1 month from launching Grand)
Listing on 2-3 exchanges.
Visa/Mastercard Payments to purchase iBNB.

How do I receive my new tokens as an old holder?

You don't need to do anything specific, your tokens will automatically be transferred to your wallet in the same amount that you had prior to the launch of iBNB Grand. After we deploy iBNB Grand you only have to add the contract address into your Trustwallet or Metamask, and iBNB will appear.

How can I participate in the private sale?

Private sale is an exclusive sale for investors that are either in the core team, the moderators, engaged and known investors within the iBNB community, partnerships, and investors that we know can be trusted with holding on to their holdings. If this is you, please contact one of our moderators and we can set you up with access.

How can I participate in the public sale?

Public sale will be for the public. We have a hard-cap so it is in any case first-come-first-serve. At the point of this writing, we are considering setting up a whitelist for the public sale if the community is in favour of this.

How do I collect my dividends?

Dividends may be collected through the ibnb.finance website by navigating to your dashboard.

Are dividends automatically distributed?

Unless you are trading from an exchange, dividends will not be automatically distributed.