Daily dividends collected in cash (BNBs).

Daily Dividends

Daily dividends are provided to our investors in the form of collectible cash.
iBNB’s core ecosystem functions together with a decentralised exchange for automatic market making and transaction processing to manage cash-flows for investments and daily dividends.
Collectible cash is facilitated to investors in the base currency “BNB” which is the symbol for “Binance Coin”, a top 5 cryptocurrency as of end 2021.
Once a day (every 24 hours), investors may collect their dividends from the ibnb.finance website. The dividend collection user interface (UI) is represented in a simple overview on the dashboard of every investor.
The dividend collection UI shows the amount collectible, the time remaining to collect it, the time of collection, and two buttons, a collect button and a reinvest button.


Dividend collections contain a “no-collection” mechanism. This means that in the situation where an investor misses their collection time, the outstanding collectible dividends reduce linearly over time. This mechanism exists purely to benefit engaged investors and further sustain the longevity of the dividend pools.
Post-collection time, for a span of 24 hours, the outstanding collectible dividends decrease from 100% to 0%.

Dividend Pools

The goals of the Dividend Pools is to sustain stable and consistent daily dividends in the form of collectible cash (previously called “claims”).
The idea is simple, iBNB provides the investors with stable and consistent daily ROI such that investor's know what to expect and are able to appropriately forecast in a better manner. Rather: 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
Than: 5% 1% 3% 0.5%

Visual Representation

Visually, the dividend pools may be seen as two pools: The Dividend Pool, and the Reserve Pool. Both these pools are an advanced version of the classical "reward pool" in every manner as it assures consistency and stability in expectable ROI.

Mathematical Representation

Mathematically, it is represented by the following formula:
Pd=Pt/r((Pt/r)modk)P_d = P_t/r - ((P_t/r) \mod k )
Where Pd is the amount of BNB in the dividend pool, Pt the total amount of BNBs in the pools, r the ratio, and k the step-wise increment of BNBs in the front-facing dividend pool that provides collectible cash to iBNB investors.
Special case: if as a result of the previous formula Pd = 0, then the value of Pd will be changed to be the minimum between Pt and k

Dividend Pool Stabilisation

Utilising adaptive quantitative modelling, we dynamically optimise and stabilise the dividend pools.
The animation below shows an example of this in action.

What's the benefit of the updated system?

As we expect listings and partnerships on the nBNB network, we also expect there to be a large influx of BNBs to the dividend pool. In a normal dividend pool without laddered stability, the volatility of BNBs in the dividend pool would vary greatly from day-to-day and from event to event. In order to stabilise this for longevity and consistent expectable daily ROI, we updated the dividend pool system with valves and step-wise ratios to sustain the dividend pool for as long as possible. Furthermore, in such a system, during times of low volume, there is a guaranteed extension of consistent dividends which extends the time allowed for low volume to occur and correct.

What does the User Interface look like?

Please follow the navigation button below to navigate to the dividend collection UI part of the dashboard in this whitepaper.
Or navigate directly to the dashboard on the iBNB website (will require a wallet with iBNB holdings in order to claim successfully).
As we have not launched yet, the link will take you to the beta section of our iBNB website. Which currently shows the reinvest button.