iBNB Grand
Healthy liquidity, financial literacy, safe investments, financial tools and stable daily dividends in collectable cash (BNBs).

Why does iBNB exist?

iBNB's purpose is to develop the financial literacy of our investors both in crypto and finance. We facilitate safe investment opportunities through the nBNB network and provide smart financial tools to make wise investments straight from our website. Wealth brought into iBNB as investments is managed with transaction fees and systems to support the expansion of the project and maximise the consistency and stability of daily collectable cash dividends in BNBs.
It is our mission and our promise to revolutionise decentralised finance.

What is iBNB?

iBNB was coined and traded as the first dynamic DeFi token, the word dynamic here refers to a transaction fee mechanism which is adaptive : it ensures healthy liquidity and maximize dividends. Our Dynamic Transaction Protocol (DTP-3, formerly Dynamic Tax Protocol) dynamically adjusts the balance and distribution of transaction fees towards liquidity and dividends according to the health of liquidity with respect to the market capitalisation. With a dividend pool generating protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain, iBNB aims to revolutionise the volume-to-BNB pool refill rate that has seen other tokens lose value during sustained periods of low volume. In summary, iBNB focuses on prioritising the replenishment of the dividend pool as while also maintaining a healthy amount of liquidity in the PancakeSwap AMM liquidity pool for trading.
The way that iBNB provides superior dividends as compared to the competition is due to the fact that the ecosystem is expansive as opposed to being closed.

What do we mean by an "expansive" vs "closed" ecosystem?

Every other "reward token" as of this writing, utilises the transaction fees based on its own trading volume. The problem with this is that it requires continuous exponential growth to provide fruitful and consistent ROI from dividends, which is simply unsustainable and considered highly unrealistic within any financial market. To solve this problem, we introduced the nBNB network.

What is the nBNB Network?

A long term goal of iBNB is the expansion of the nBNB network.
The nBNB network is a network of partnerships and internal projects. It provides our community of investors with safe investment opportunities. nBNB provides support to unique and promising projects seeking an audience and most importantly, accompany them on the road to success.

Why does a project want to join the nBNB network?

The nBNB network assures the highest standards of credibility, feasibility, and an audience of quality investors. Joining the nBNB network will require the team and the project to surpass a list of requirements, and will provide them with guidance, connections, and an immediate audience of engaged investors.

How does this benefit iBNB investors?

Here we fully answer the question: "What is expansive?".
To provide increasingly rewarding daily collectable dividends, we must provide the dividend pool with an additional amount of externally generated cash-flows.
Every project/partnership that enters the nBNB network is required to provide transaction fees that flow into the iBNB dividend pool as iBNB extensively supports partnerships and projects on the road to success. It is in our best interest to create win-win scenarios as the success of our partnerships and projects is mutual success. Fees are a small and simple transaction fee applied to every transaction both on Decentralised Exchanges (such as PancakeSwap) and Centralised Exchanges (such as BitMart, where high-volume are traded). The combination of fees from all projects and all exchanges on the network add up to an expansively healthy cash-flow that significantly supports the prosperity of the nBNB network and the BNB dividend pools, which allow investors to collect dividends on a daily basis.
To read more on dividends and dividend pools, please visit the dedicated "Dividends" page.

What is iBNB Grand?

iBNB Grand is an upgrade to the contract and utilities of iBNB on the road to revolutionise DeFi.
To be more precise, the new iBNB Grand contract is an upgrade of iBNB contract with the following highlights: (i) Advanced Dividend Pools for stable and consistent ROI, (ii) a linearly decreasing BNB collection (claim) mechanism for sustainable dividends, and (iii) DTP v3 (Dynamic Tax Protocol v3, now Dynamic Transaction Protocol) that improves upon earlier versions with additional liquidity management in favour of a more superior dividend pool.
Additionally, we are introducing a significantly improved user experience on our website (ibnb.finance) with personalisation, customisation, dashboard charts and trading, and smart financial tools such as Grand Cost Averaging (inspired from Dollar Cost Averaging) to improve the investor's experience with iBNB, track and facilitate wise investments.
The complete overview of iBNB to iBNB Grand changes may be found on the iBNB Grand Updates page
With iBNB Grand, we are also announcing the iBNB Bank.

What is the iBNB Bank?

The iBNB Bank is a central system for receiving, smart distribution, and utility of large volumes of BNBs that enter the ecosystem from nBNB projects and exchanges.
Technically, it is an evolutionary smart-contract that manages wealth from transaction fees for generating profit and additional cash-flows to supplement the project development and the dividend pools.
By utilising staking mechanisms, quantitative investment approaches, and smart investments, the Bank will be able to utilise incoming BNBs up to their potential. This will ultimately increase dividends, ROI.
It is the first of its kind, the first decentralised bank in DeFi and crypto as a whole.
We are very excited to embark on this journey with our investors, and provide the crypto-sphere with never before seen DeFi utility.